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Areas we deal with

Two departments perfectly coordinated

Law Department

Taxation Area

• Tax consultancy.
• Assistance at tax inspection proceedings.
• Appeals to the Tax Administration, the Economic Administration and to the Contentious Jurisdiction.
• Studies and reports.

Trade Area

• Contracts drafting.
• Study and implementation of corporate operations: establishment, increase/decrease of capital, dissolutions and corporate mergers and divisions.
• Secretarial services of the management board.
• Insolvency proceedings Law: we deal with insolvency proceedings as lawyers or judicial auditors proposed by creditors.
• Legal Claims.
• Representing our clients at negotiations.
• Assessment and reports.

Labour Matters

• Job settlement proceedings.
• Labour negotiations. Collective bargainings.
• Union elections.
• Labour procedures.

Civil Matters

• Studying and drafting of real estate civil contract.
• Testamentary executions.

Criminal Law

• Judicial proceedings: complaints, suits, defense before the courts.

Management Department


• Bookkeeping plans.
• Document fil.
• Annual accounts, annual report, management report.
• Balance sheet analysis.
• Updating outstanding bookkeeping.
• Budgeting and follow-up.


• Drawing-up and presenting tax declaration.
• Tax audit.
• Administration inquiries.
• Tax consulting.
• Meeting notifications from tax authorities.


• Company domiciliation.
• Administrative secretarial services.
• Deed procedures.
• Obtaining licenses and permits.


• Payrolls.
• Social insurance.
• Work permits and licenses.
• Subsidies and bonuses.
• Consultants in labour matters, labour safety and health matters.

Legal and Commercial matters

• Minute book and membership book register keeping, calling Board meetings drafting certificates.
• Non-resident companies.
• Deposit of financial statements and online submission of mercantile books.

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